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Dirty, Mouldy Site Air Cons, We’ll Take Care of That.

Remote mine sites, accommodation camps and offshore projects all depend on the reliability and effectiveness of refrigeration, especially up here in the Pilbara. Whether it’s RAC’s and splits in accommodation camps and site offices, or large package units throughout substations, if your assets aren’t maintained your asking for trouble. Without a preventative maintenance program incorporating regular servicing and maintenance the efficiency and effectiveness of these refrigeration systems is compromised which inevitably leads to breakdowns, downtime, loss of production and reduced room availability and LTI’s.

When heat exchange coils in refrigeration systems become fouled with dirt, grease, soil residue, dust, leaves, insects or other contaminants, the designed heat exchange is significantly reduced and the costs to operate will exponentially increase. Cleaning your coils regularly and routinely throughout the year will restore and maintain the units designed heat exchange capacity, reducing your energy consumption and extending the useful life of your equipment.

Tic Tag Systems use only the safest and most environmentally friendly products available. All products are non-corrosive, non-hazardous and biodegradable ensuring safety for the user and the environment. They can also be safely disposed of down standard drains without any negative environmental impact.

Tic Tag Systems perform a range of refrigeration services for some of the worlds largest mining and energy companies with operations in Western Australia including:

Annual Servicing / Preventative Maintenance

  • Room AC’s
  • Split AC’s

On Site Repairs

  • Room AC’s
  • Split AC’s

Accommodation Camp / Site Replacement Campaigns

  • RAC & split system strip and cleans
  • RAC & split system replacement

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    What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

    • “I view Tic Tag as a quality organisation and can state categorically that the products and services they have supplied have increased site productivity. Ease of use, equipment portability and the product knowledge which the Tic Tag people have on tap are exemplary.”
      Phil SchubertElectrical Services Manager, Powertech
    • “They managed to work around our night shift occupants and had the whole 200 man camp complete within under two days. We look forward to having Tic Tag Systems back again next year”.
      Alan HowardCamp Manager, Numans Collie Hills
    • “We will definitely be using Tic Tag Systems again and would recommend them to any other major players in our industry who value excellent service, competitive pricing and an attitute to the job that is, quite frankly, second to none.”
      Bog PoveyRegional OH&S Advisor, Barrick Gold