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How Solar Works in Port Hedland

How Solar Works in Port Hedland
December 14, 2020 clinton

If you are interested in getting solar power for your home, investment property, office, workshop, business, mine site or housing portfolio, we can help. Tic Tag Systems are the trusted solar experts in and around Port Hedland.

In this guide we will answer some of the most common questions we get asked about installing solar power systems in and around Port Hedland. 

If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We’d be happy to assist with expert information and honest advice and in many instances will meet with you personally to discuss solar. 


Who is Tic Tag Systems?

We are a locally owned and operated solar and electrical contractor with a workshop and office in Wedgefield. We service a wide range of clients from homeowners to small and medium businesses and resource sector clients. 

As Hedland locals, we are committed to providing honest advice and installing cyclone rated, high quality solar solutions for local residents and businesses. We provide honest, transparent advice and will even let you know if solar is not right for you. If anything goes wrong, our team of electricians is close by to offer prompt and reliable assistance.

Our Renewables Operation Manager Clinton Smith has lived permanently in the Pilbara for over 25 years and has been installing solar for residential properties, business properties and mine sites in Port Hedland for the past 4 years. 

Clinton is a licenced A grade electrician and a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited solar designer and installer. Clinton and the team specialise in electrical and solar installations and maintenance throughout the Pilbara. Collectively their passion for the job and in-depth knowledge of the local area ensure you will get the highest quality service every time.

Cyclones and high winds – Can you install solar in Port Hedland?

Yes, solar power systems can be installed in Port Hedland and surrounding areas. However, the challenging environment, high winds and cyclone occurrences mean installing solar here is not quite as easy as it is for other regions such as Perth for example.

All of our solar systems are cyclone rated including the panels, roof top racking and installation methods in addition to being council approved. We submit a building permit to the Town of Port Hedland or relevant local council for every solar project and ensure the system is approved, engineered and certified to meet the unique demands of the Port Hedland climate. 

We only use high quality and durable parts to ensure the system can cope with high winds and cyclones. This includes using stronger panels with higher wind loading characteristics, and racking and mounting systems with additional feet and zones installed to manufacturer specifications to make sure everything stays put in the case of a cyclone.

How long does a solar system last? What warranty do our solar power systems come with?

At Tic Tag Systems, we understand that a high quality, durable system will last longer and give you a better return on your investment. That’s why we only use reputable and resilient clean energy council approved panels and inverters. In addition, we install Australian made roof top racking and mounting systems keeping your solar system secure and continuing to perform year after year. 

The Fronius inverters that we install are renowned to be one of the top inverters in Australia. These inverters are German engineered, made in Austria and are highly efficient and reliable. They come with a 10 year warranty once you register your inverter online.

The solar panels we use typically come with a 12 year product warranty and a 25 year linear power warranty.


What level of maintenance does a Port Hedland solar system require?

In the dusty and windy environment around Port Hedland cleaning and servicing your solar system is very important. Excess dirt and grime on solar panels can block sunlight and reduce their effectiveness and deliver a reduced return on investment. 

Tic Tag Systems offer solar power system servicing and we can help ensure your system keeps running to a high efficiency. Tic Tag Systems have invested considerably in water filtration, water fed cleaning equipment and have the skills to clean your panels safely and often from the ground with purpose designed carbon fibre telescopic poles. The ability to clean panels from the ground greatly improves safety and is the proffered method wherever possible. For instances where this is not possible Tic Tag Systems personnel utilise elevated work platforms and/ or implement fall restraint systems to the roof for the duration of cleaning which includes harness and anchor points.

According to Australian standards, Port Hedland solar panels should be cleaned and serviced every three months. However, you may wish to do this more regularly depending on your location and the amount of dust that accumulates on your panels. 


What’s the ideal place to install solar panels? 

For optimal performance, solar panels require the maximum amount of unobstructed sunlight. Before installing solar panels, we will visit your location and examine the area for any factors that may interfere with your solar system.

This could include shading and trees which block sunlight from reaching your panels. We can assist overcoming the issue by finding a more suitable location or trimming trees if necessary. The importance in positioning your panels on the most effective roof aspects is crucial to ensuring optimal performance of your systems and a site visit is the most accurate method to achieve this.


What government rebates are available for solar in Port Hedland?

The Government rebate for solar power systems is still available. How much you are eligible for depends on the size of the system and your postcode. 

The small-scale technology certificates (STCs) apply to residential homes. Solar installers will typically offer you the STC rebate upfront on the purchase price of your solar system. For example, at Tig Tag Systems we will apply the STC rebate on your solar quote. 

STC rebates make the upfront cost of solar power more affordable. After the system has been installed the rebate is paid to the installer. 

Keep in mind that STC rebates reduce every January. That means the amount of money you can save upfront on a residential solar power system decreases every year until the scheme ends in 2030.


Are feed in tariffs available for Port Hedland solar power?

Yes, feed in tariffs are available if you meet certain criteria. For Port Hedland residents, a feed in tariff is a fee that Horizon Power gives you for any excess power that your system feeds back to their power grid*.

Horizon Power has recently switched from Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS) to Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS). As of 6 November 2020 DEBS time-of-export rates apply. Read more about selling your excess power back to Horizon Power on their website.

Solar systems that are 5kW or smaller can often receive a feed in tariff of 7.6c per kW hour exported to the grid. Although feed in tariffs may bring in some extra income, we don’t recommend installing solar just to receive a small feed in tariff. 

There are many other factors that should be considered before deciding that solar is right for you such as your location, the amount of space you have available, what you hope to achieve with solar power and your energy requirements. 

If you are unsure whether solar is a good investment for your home, business or work site, get in touch with the Tic Tag team for honest and trustworthy advice. After hearing your situation and examining your site, if we do not think solar power is right for you we will let you know. 


Do you need assistance with solar in and around Port Hedland?

Whether you need advice about installing a solar system for a residential property, commercial property or mine site, we can assist. Our team of dedicated solar specialists can provide you with honest expert advice and an obligation-free measure and quote. 

As Port Hedland locals ourselves, you can be sure you won’t get any inexperienced sales reps or mis-informed advice. Our experience and deep understanding of the unique environment in Port Hedland enable us to offer durable and effective solar systems to meet your needs. 

Call your local CEC accredited solar designer and installer today on 0408 936 776.